Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Interview

Do we see how Sawyer and your character, Ava, meet?
No, you see us after we’ve already met.

Oh, so in the motel room is the first we see you?

Hmm. Does that mean you didn’t get to play an “intimate” scene with Josh?
I did get an intimate scene with Josh. You’ll see. I don’t want to spoil anything.

Something tells me there’s a good twist after Ava pulls the gun on Sawyer.

Did the director ask if you were good handling a firearm, to which you scoffed loudly?
No, no… That’s one of the first times where they’ve said to me, “We love your work and we love the way you hold a gun. So girl, go get him!”

I was going to ask if there are any parallels between what happens with Sawyer and Ava and what happens for him on the island, but based on what you said earlier….
I didn’t read Josh’s other stuff, because then I would know what was happening and I would have ruined it for myself.

Source: Full Interview – Fancast